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9 Ideas to make your rooms feel larger


Small and limited space is a common problem for many people. Are you looking for some techniques to make your home space look bigger? This will no longer be a problem for you because PATTA has 9 great ideas that will turn your home big in just a blink of an eye.


Lighter is larger
Choosing the light, soft color tones is a technique for small room, because they can make your room look bigger, relaxing, and also help enhance light dispersion. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, an easy technique to choose the right color is “Monochromatic Color”, that is, decoration using only one color tone such as grey or brown. The chosen tone may differ in their shades and hues, each of which can be applied to different parts of the room to create more dimensions.

(Photo from PATTALET 2 Project)


Embrace the natural light
Embracing the natural light is a very easy and economical technique to make your living space look more spacious. If your house has light apertures whether they are windows or doors, try to switch from using blackout curtains to sheer curtains or blinds and adjust them to let in
some natural light to create an airy, roomy and cozy vibe.

(Photo from PATTA PRIME Project)


Connecting all spaces
If your house has limited living space, try changing from dividing the space into rooms to creating an open-plan space by arranging the rooms with related functions, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen into zones without having a wall. Use the same flooring materials to connect all spaces to make the area look more spacious. This technique does not only make the house look bigger but also provides more space to share with everyone in the family.

(Photos from PATTALET 2 Project)


Well placed carpet
Using a carpet can make your place look more spacious and proportional. An easy technique is to have a carpet that is larger than the furniture such as sofa or dining table. However, the carpet should not be so large that it touches the wall because it will make the space look tight and narrow. Both plain and printed carpets are fine. The most important thing is to choose a matching color tone to make a consistent theme.

(Photos from PATTALET VILLE Project)


Go with glass
The smaller the space is, the more you should avoid dividing it into rooms. But for some inevitable areas such as the bathroom which needs a separation between the wet and dry area, a clear piece of glass can be used to divide the space instead of using a wall or frosted glass because transparency is a key technique for making a more spacious-looking area. Therefore, clear glass is a good alternative for the division of space to maintain airiness and spaciousness.

(Photos from PATTALET 2 Project)


Mirror Magic
Mirrors are another key item which help create a more spacious look for small areas. Try putting a mirror on one side of an opaque wall or replacing the front of a wardrobe door with a mirror. Then you will realize the miracle of mirrors and those reflections will make you feel like the same area does not look the same anymore.

(Photos from PATTALET VILLE Project)


Raise and widen your curtains
The technique of installing curtains to make your house look more spacious is to hang them as high and as wide as possible. The curtains should be hanged higher and wider than the window or door frames leaving the curtain rim to touch the ground in the case of a window or trying to install the curtains on the entire wall to expand the perspective and make your room look bigger.

(Photos from PATTALET VILLE Project)


Choose the right furniture
Choosing moveable furniture and placement is the most important to make your rooms feel larger. The size of your house is a key factor when selecting furniture.  Don’t place the furniture in an obstructing position because it will make the room look narrow.

(Photos from PATTALET 2)


Cut the clutter
The last tip is simple but very important. The tip is to always keep the house in a clean, clear, and airy condition. Try to build some chic shelves or showcases for storing things and home decoration. By doing this, your house can surely look more beautiful and spacious.

(Photos from PATTALET PRIME Project)


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