Little Things, Big Impression

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It cannot be denied that decoration is a factor that makes your home cozier. For anyone looking for home decorating ideas, PATTA has plenty to offer. Let’s see how to simply decorate your home, turn it into a luxurious, relaxing place, and more lively than ever.

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Add the sense of nature by a small terrarium in your home
Terrarium gives you relaxing feelings, the sense of freshness and nature at hand. Apart from its compact size which helps save your limited space, you can also design your own terrarium as you like.

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A candlestick for the sense of luxury
A classic candlestick is easy on the eye. By putting a stylish one in the room, or in a corner which requires more light such as near dressing table or in your bedroom. Apart from adding more light to the area, a candlestick will make your room look more beautiful, luxurious, pleasant to look at, and also add more details to your favorite corner.

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A ceramic statuette for inspiration
Put statuettes on shelves, or in corners will add the sense of luxury, beauty, and relaxation to your home. It can also inspire you.

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Favorite books to widen your perspectives
Old books and books you have read can be a fabulous choice of decoration. Not only can books inspire you, they also make your home such a place of style.

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A nice frame for valuable memories
Try installing a frame onto the wall, or putting one on a table in your home. With black-and-white photo, your home will be turned into a luxurious, stylish and unique place. It may even help you find inspiration.

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Fragrance for freshness
Find a diffuser or a scented candle and place it in your favorite room to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the soothing property, it also adds to the home the perfect sense of luxury.

(Photo from PATTA VILLE Project)

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Various designs of lamps for new dimensions
Apart from lighting up a room, a lamp is a piece of furniture that creates an enchanting atmosphere. A lamp with a great design will add more dimensions to your room design.

(Photo from PATTALET 2 Project)

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Make your room more lively with cushions
Add a gimmick to your bedroom or living room with cushions. Apart from making a room livelier, soft cushions are also great for back rest. Alternatively, you can hug it for warmth.

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Keep your room clean and clear with boxes and files
Tidy your room with document files and nicely designed boxes which are easy on the eyes. They do more than just decorating your home – they also organize it.

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