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“Because we believe that good quality of life comes from good things, and those good things come from what you choose. Since choosing a home and its surrounding is the key, today we have brought a great article for you. Reach for your best quality of life with PATTA

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Wake up early, say hi to your new day
Try changing your sleeping habits by going to bed earlier and waking up early. Brains of early sleepers and early risers tend to function more efficiently. Your mind is clear in the morning, so you will feel relaxed. In addition to more time for hobbies and other activities, this is also one of the best ways to lose weight.

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Always keep yourself fit and firm
Don’t forget to move your body and exercise regularly. “No space” and “no time” are the two most common excuses not to work out, but in fact we can always go to a fitness center or a gym to exercise without having to worry about space and time. At PATTA PRIME, we offer fitness facility for our residents. Easy, convenient, and healthy!

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Choose the right food
Something we like is sometimes not something right! This also applies to eating. As healthy eating habits contribute to good quality of life, your choice of food matters. Choose nutrient-rich food which is good and sufficient for your body, whether vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, legume, and brown rice. Apart from their nutritional benefits, these choices are also alternatives for those trying to lose weight.

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Feel the nature and fresh air
Get away from the city chaos to nature retreat and fresh air in the park of our project or in a small garden in your home area. It’s always great being with nature. Apart from putting yourself at ease, nature helps you clear your brain. Choosing the right atmosphere is one of the most important factor directly affecting your lifestyle and quality of life.

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Give yourself some rest
Nothing is better than giving yourself some time to rest after all the stress from work. Just relax in a nice, soothing area of your home or in the garden, you will forget all the tiredness and get recharged.

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“Because you choose your quality of life. Choosing your home surroundings directly affect your lifestyle whether it’s a park or green area for relaxation and fresh air, fitness and pool facilities for exercise or a playground for children. Living in a home near where you can do the activities that fit your lifestyle requirements will help you relax, reduce stress, get to work out regularly, and most importantly, you can spend valuable time with your loved ones. All these will offer you the best quality of life every day”

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