Saving the world, a straw at a time with “One less straw” project by PATTA

Plastic waste from our daily lives is creating a big impact to the animals. From countless seabirds that have their beaks held shut by accidentally sticking the beak through a plastic ring,  to sea turtles or fish with their stomachs full of plastic waste that ends up in the sea. Fifty to 80% of sea turtles found dead are caused by eating plastic. While a lot of mother birds mistake plastic pieces for food and feed their chicks with those.
One of the most common types of plastic waste is one-time-use plastic straw, which is made of a type of plastic that is very difficult to decompose. Also, it is widely used in our everyday lives, resulting in a huge amount of trash just after a single use. If everyone in Thailand only used 1 plastic straw per day, in just a year we would have 24 billion disposed plastic straws!

To be part of the movement to reduce plastic waste, PATTA started “One less straw” project in December by using biodegradable paper straws and PLA straws as a substitute for plastic straws to welcome the customers in all PATTA projects, and PATTA also procured reusable straws for the employees of all levels, with the objective to inspire everyone to realize the importance of reducing plastic waste, because the greatest impact can be achieved with a little help from everyone