Preparing home for this summer

It’s time to say hi to summer and goodbye to winter! The impacts of climate change have spared no one, especially our home – look at how the weather can change from cold to extremely hot in just a blink of an eye.
Today, PATTA would like to share “7 ways to prepare your home for heat” with everyone who wishes to keep their home cool during this summer.

Lath helps reduce heat
Install battens! Apart from decorating purpose, it also helps reduce heat by acting as a barrier blocking sunlight from getting into your home in the afternoon. Thus, batten is a great helper in heat reduction. Normally it is installed onto the eaves and left hanging down to window-level, and not only does it prevent sunlight and rain, but also add more beauty to your home. For anyone who does not yet know how to handle summer, batten is an interesting choice.

Ceiling fan for better ventilation
As ceiling fan produces stronger and more continuous airflow, it provides great air circulation and better ventilation. By optimizing the benefits of ceiling fan, your home will certainly be kept cool during summer.

Install an awning against the direction of sunlight
Installing an awning will help prevent sunlight from shining into your home and, therefore, also prevent internal heat accumulation. This helps reduce workload of air conditioner. To check whether you should install an awning or not, just start from asking and checking through which way and from which direction does the sun shine into your home. Give particular attention to the afternoon sunlight. If an awning is not yet installed in these places, you should probably add one as it will certainly help blocking heat from entering into your home.

Apply films onto windows
Apart from reducing heat, applying film onto your home’s windows will also reduce your electricity use, because light-filtering window films are designed to prevent heat, keep down temperature, block UV ray and direct sunlight exposure. Due to its low cost, this is also an interesting alternative.

Rearranging the room to cool it down
Just by “rearranging your room”, you can escape both all the boring bits and the heat. Only by moving furniture away from the wind directions and keep the room airy and clear, the wind will blow through your home better. This is why rearranging room is an easy-to-do thing for everyone.

Water for freshness
During summer months, we can cool down and relax just by staying near water, isn’t that right? Water is therefore a sign of coolness, and for this reason, you can keep your home cool just by decorating it with a fish pond, a fountain, a waterfall or even just a small pond.

Don’t forget! Have your air conditioner checked during summer
Apart from handling summer through natural ways, another thing we must never forget is to have your air conditioner checked before the summer starts. See if your air conditioner is ready for it. If not, just call an air conditioner technician to clean it. If it is too old or does not have an energy efficiency rating labeling, consider getting a new air conditioner, especially ones with inverter technology, which are a lot more efficient that conventional ones

If you follow our 7 tips, we will definitely survive this summer safe and sound.